Sony Medical Printers Review

Sony is at the forefront of medical technologies, with everything from ultrasound equipment and other imaging tools down to the smallest accessories in the industry. Sony printing technology is well-known for its quality and durability, but with so many options form them, it is hard to know which model is the best fit. This article review three options for Medical Printing from Sony; The UP-897MD, The UP DR80MD, and The UP-25MD.

The UP-897MD Video Graphic Printer

The Sony UP897-MD video black & white printer is the next generation of the popular UP-895MD. This medical grade printer creates A6 size photographic quality prints from live video images at an affordable price, which is ideal for ultrasound and other imaging equipment. For added convenience, the UP897-MD and the UP-895 use the same roll film media, which has 270 prints per role, and a print speed of less then two seconds, making it the quickest printer in its class. Consistently sharp and high-quality print results, with 325 DPI resolution, 256 shades of gray, and multiple print formats (including normal, small, and 2x zoom) are courtesy of Sony dye sublimation technology, included on the UP-897MD. A front LCD display and Jog dial control conveniently maximize its operation, while the compact design (6 1/6″ x 3 1/2″ x 9 1/2″) and PC-compatibility make it ideal to use on a medical cart. This lightweight and compact, easy to use printer is an excellent choice for even the busiest clinic, where speed, accuracy and user friendliness are in high demand.

The UP-DR80MD A4 Digital Color Printer

The UP-DR80MD is a premium, high-speed, full-page medical grade printer with exceptional ease of use and flexible functionality. Designed specifically for use with color printing applications, the UP-DR80MD produces A4 digital color with incredible image quality and accurate color reproduction. Using dye-sublimation technology by Sony, the UP-DR80MD is equipped with a 301 DPI thermal head for Hi-Def resolution, and may cause a curvature free letter size print in just over a minute. This front-operating printer uses a specific roll-type media with a tough lamination layer to protect its exceptional photo-realistic images from water, heat, lighting, and fingerprinting. The elegant, versatile UP-DR80MD connects with endoscopic camera and ultrasound systems using a USB 2.0, which allows for easy integration and use on medical carts. An optional adapter kit allows the UP-DR80MD TO also act as a general-purpose network color printer, serving multiple rooms, — a cost-effective feature suited for the active clinics. In addition, the cost effectiveness in the long-term makes the UP-DR80MD a prevailing recourse to conventional ink jet printers.

The UP-25MD Color Video Printer

Sony UP-25MD color video printer meets the growing demand for better quality and durability of medical printing equipment, and is ideal for use with ultrasound, endoscopy, and microscopy technologies. This affordable, Feature charged high quality color video printer puts out 423 DPI resolution prints in under 20 seconds. Sony’s UP-25MD uses standard color print media, and the media and optional laminate ensures image quality in the long-term and protects against damage caused by water and fingerprints. The slim design (8 ¾” wide), easy integration and design on the front panel LCD makes this printer an excellent choice for use on medical carts or in tight spaces. Features include two- and four-split image single-sheet printing, two color adjustment types (including a picture of nine divisions of HSV balance), LED notification for data and status of ink, and self- signal detection of 1080i and 720p. The UP-25MD provides excellent printing with rich features at an affordable price.