Some Rare Skin Allergies Symptoms

Most of the readers would know what skin allergies are. Reactions like skin redness, swellings, red patches, itching, and others are symptomatic of all common skin allergies.

The article below discusses some rare skin allergies and their symptoms:

1. Acute Uticaria or Hives- It is a skin rash caused by reaction to allergens, thus producing histamine and develops into body rash. It is also known as nettle rash, welts, and wheals. Water retention on skin, fluctuating temperature, excessive sunlight, insect bites and certain foods causes Uticaria. Some symptoms of Uticaria are lesions, skin eruptions, skin irritation, reddish swellings, headache, and problem in respiration, oedema, flushing, dizziness, and others. Around 15% of children suffer from Acute Uticaria.

2. Atopic Dermatitis- Usually a genetic condition, it is a skin inflammatory disorder. It is mostly seen in children and as the statistics show, around 20 percent children affected with this skin allergy. Exposure to food allergens, dust allergens, and genetically engineered skin disorders are the major causes of Atopic Dermatitis. Some of the symptoms are formation of lesions on neck, ears; scratching, itching, intense pruritus. The skin allergy exposes the patients to viral, bacterial, and fungal infections and other skin complications.

3. Argyria- A rare disorder in which the victim’s skin turns bluish or grey colored. The infection is caused due to over-exposure to silver and its compounds. Such exposure can occur through silver products found in home, use of silver salt, and use of silver dental fillings. Apart from the skin turning bluish-grey, people develop gum stains on nose, hands, and forehead when exposed to sunlight.

4. Harlequin Itchthyosis- It is an incurable genetic condition caused by the gene ABCA12. It is a birth defect and the mortality rate is very low. The child is born with scaly skin type armor which grows twice as faster than human skin. Bleeding after birth, facial deformities, inability to bend limbs, almost absent ears, excessive number of toes is some symptoms of this skin allergy.