Some of the Most Common Complications Seen in Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery could be a scary thought for many. There is always a possibility of some complications and a surgery that went perfectly well could be fatal if the post operative care is not effective. Here are some of the most common complications seen in cosmetic surgery:


Hematoma is basically a pocket of blood that resembles a large and painful bruise. This side effect most commonly occurs in 1 – 6 percent of breast augmentation procedures. It is also one of the most common complications seen after a facelift. Well, it is a risk factor is almost all types of surgeries. It is however treatable and usually includes additional surgery to drain the blood.

Nerve damage

There is a potential for nerve damage in different types of surgical procedures. After cosmetic surgery, numbness and tingling are very common and could be signs of nerve damage. Most of the women experience a change in sensitivity after a breast augmentation surgery which could be due to nerve damage.


Most surgeries include post operative care procedures to help reduce the risk of infection. However, it remains one of the most common complications of cosmetic surgery. In some cases, the infection is internal and pretty severe. In these cases IV antibiotics are an option.

Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism

Deep vein thrombosis is a condition where blood clots are formed in deep veins – usually in the legs. These clots sometimes break off and travel to the lungs. This is known as pulmonary embolism and is fatal. Even though these complications are uncommon, they pose a greater risk to the patient when they occur.


Any kind of surgery results in scarring. Scars can be particularly troubling especially after a cosmetic surgery which aims at improving the way you look. These scars can be treated if you follow the doctor’s advice religiously.

General appearance dissatisfaction

Dissatisfaction with the results could be a reality and a possibility. Especially facial surgeries are a greater risk if the results are not as per the expectations of the patient.

Organ damage

Liposuction is one procedure that could be traumatic for internal organs. When the surgical probe comes in contact with internal organs it could cause punctures or perforations. Repairing these could require additional surgery.

Anesthesia complications

Anesthesia complications are not uncommon. General anesthesia can sometimes lead to complications such as stroke, heart attack or waking up confused, disoriented and shivering.


This condition occurs when the serum from your blood pools beneath the surface of the skin resulting in pain and swelling. It usually looks like a very large blister and could occur after any surgery. It is however, the most common complication of a tummy tuck. These seromas can become infected. In order to remove them, they are drained by pricking a needle. However, there is a chance of recurrence and further complications.

Blood loss

With any surgery, blood loss is expected however uncontrolled and heavy blood loss could lead to a drop in the blood pressure and could be fatal. This could occur during or after surgery.

Educating yourself about the procedure and its possible risks can help you manage your expectations pot surgery.