Some Important Information About Natural Eczema Treatments

Eczema is a skin disease which symptoms include dry, red, flaky and often itchy or painful rashes, commonly on the arms, neck and face. Sometimes confused with normal dry skin, these patches do not respond to conventional treatments for dry skin. Although there are many products available to the sufferer most offer only limited relief and some contain harsh chemicals which could prove damaging to the very skin it is supposedly to heal. There are all natural eczema treatments which may prove effective without the risk that synthetic chemicals pose.

One treatment that has shown success in both treating active eczema and preventing the outbreak of new rashes is the consumption of probiotics. Studied mostly in infants and young children, it seems that the addition of probiotics to the diet successfully treated the symptoms of eczema. Probiotics also offer a host of other health benefits to those who eat them.

Most often, the methods of combating these rashes are designed to be used topically, that is to be directly on the patches themselves. Almost all of them have some hydrocortisone in them as this is effective at decreasing itching and inflammation. However, most also have a host of other chemicals in them that may prove to exasperate the very symptoms the user is trying to relate. Happily, there are all natural options.

One such treatment is made from chamomile. Although the response was not rapid, with most users having to apply it for two weeks before seeing significant results, over time it did appear to reduce the severity and number of rashes. When compared with a hydrocortisone cream the chamomile extract proved to be more effective over time for some users.

Another option for sufferers may be witch hazel. Although it has not been as widely tested it has shown some success for users. More testing is needed to determine effective dose.

Licorice root is a third option for those who are looking to treat their rashes without using chemicals. It had very promising results in studies with users reporting significant reduction of the redness, swelling and itch of their eczema patches.

Before starting a new treatment program for eczema or any other ailment it is important to talk with a doctor or other health care professional about your options. Many of the products on the market are a waste of money as they have not been proven to do what they claim to do. Always read the packaging and know what it is any product you intend to use in or on your body.