Some Facts About The Rosemary and Frankincense Oils

Since ancient times, it is very common to use herbal remedies for various physical and mental problems. Nature has a lot to offer for the well being of human body and mind. Various types of essential oils are used for therapeutics and production of variety of herbal beauty products. Rosemary and frankincense oils fall in the category of highly useful essential oils. These are used in variety of ways to cure body and mind.

Rosemary oil

Preferably, flowering tops and leaves of rosemary are used for the extraction of oil. Flowering tops are steam distilled for the extraction of highly pure rosemary essential oil. This plant is easy to grow and drought resistance and hence, is cultivated on a large scale for the production of oil. Since ancient times, this oil is being used for various purposes. These were given remarkable importance by the Romans in various religious ceremonies. These were also used by the Egyptians for incense purpose. The usage of rosemary oil has increased tremendously. These are used in wedding ceremonies and in making food, herbal and various cosmetic products.

Rosemary oil is also used for aroma therapy and culinary purposes. It is believed that this oil can heal the entire body and is very powerful in strengthening the soul. These are also used for making hair care products. These are known to be beneficial for strengthening hair root and stimulating hair follicles. It is also believed that the regular use of these oils can treat the scalp and can reduce the dandruff and other scalp problems. These oils are highly admired for improving memory and maintaining concentration.

These can be easily blended with frankincense, lemongrass, peppermint, lavender and other oils and hence, is extensively used in aromatherapy.

Frankincense oil

This is the most popular oil for aroma therapy. The highly pure frankincense essential oil is extracted from the tree resin by the process of steam distillation. The extraction processes decide the price of these oils.

Due to their aroma and highly admirable properties, these are widely demanded in cosmetic, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. It is known for its sweet fragrance. These are known to have rejuvenating properties and hence, find wide usage in various sectors. Frankincense oil has soothing, calming and relaxing effect that increases its demand in aromatherapy. These oils have healing properties and can cure sores, cuts and wounds leaving a clear skin. These are also used to cure the problems and symptoms of anxiety. These oils are also known to cure respiratory tract related problems. Apart from clearing of lungs, it can also cure asthma, cold, shortness of breath and other problems.