Some Common Medieval Weapons

The first thing that comes to a person's mind thinking of the medieval age are the medieval weapons. Some say that the magnificent castles of that time attract them a lot while to others the armor and the shiny knights being of interest, but whatsoever, medieval weapons are the most prominent part of the medieval age.

Battles in the medieval times were not just fights, they were fights to death and in those, weapons were the most important part. Weapons were to just for protection and safety, they were an honor and a pride of the owner. Here are some of the most predominant medieval weapons

• Daggers and knives- Daggers were very common in the medieval age. The daggers and knives were made with a design to kill with one shot. The most common daggers of that time are katara, machete, mercy giver poniard, and stiletto.

• Swords- Some people think that daggers and swords are the same thing, but it is incorrect. Swords are bigger that daggers and are much more dangerous than knives, where daggers and knives can only leave a breeze, a sword can cut a human being in two pieces. Medieval swords were of different types, some were double bladed edge, and some were straight while some were curved. Flamberge, katana, longsword, saber, scimitar, spatha, and zweihander are the most common swords of the weapons

• Blunt weapons-Blunt weapons are made to leave a blunt trauma on the victim. These weapons may seem to be less harmful and dangerous but in actuality, they inflate more pain on a person. Mace, flanged mace, maul, morning star, de corbin, horseman's pick and bludgeon are the most popular blunt medieval weapons.

• Ranged Weapons-As the name suggests the ranged weapons are used to attack an enemy at a distance. The most common medieval ranged weapons are javelins, slings, dart, bows, and arrows. Catapults are also a range medieval weapon

• Warships- In the medieval weapons the attack was commonly by the sea and therefor they used warships such as, gallery, junk, longship, and qiao chuan.

Along with the medieval weapons, people also use animals in medieval wars to attack the enemies. Medieval time is remembered because of the great wars that were cooked in that time; wars used to last years and condemned in the deaths of thousands. Wars and battles of that time have made the medieval weapons a significant part.