Some Acne Treatments That Are Available

If you want to help yourself with acne treatment, you might try diet or reducing stress. You may also guard against touching or popping your pimples. If these methods do not work, there are certainly other acne treatments available.

Again, doing it on your own, you can by benzoyl peroxide creams over the counter. These creams have been used for years. They have been proven quite effective. The main thing to remember is that they take time, maybe four months or longer.

If you go to a doctor, you might be prescribed a low dose of Accutane. This drug should not be used by pregnant women, however, because it can cause birth defects or even fetal death. The doctor may also have you use antibiotics. Oral antibiotics are generally used in conjuction with vitamin A, while topical antibiotics are used with benzoyl peroxide.

There are also new treatments available. Blue light therapy is an exciting breakthrough in acne treatments. This involves a blue light system available in a dermatologist's office. The patient is exposed to the system for a little over 15 minutes. It works by destroying harmful bacteria. A preparation called ALA or Levulan can also be applied thirty minutes before the blue light therapy proceeds as usual. Results seem to be good and appear to have long-lasting effects. The treatment shows improvement in the skin in two to four weeks.

Another new acne treatment is diode laser therapy. This form of therapy works to cause the sebaceous glands to produce less oil. This treatment has been shown to decrease acne lesions on the back. Pulsed light and heat treatments both destroy bacteria and cause the sebaceous glands to produce less oil by shrinking them.

A couple of treatments used in spas are now being applied by doctors as acne treatments. One of these is chemical peels. A chemical peel removes blackheads and whiteheads, unclogs pores, and exfoliates. This is accomplished by putting an acid such as salicylic acid on the face. Another procedure which does basically the same thing but in a different way is microdermabrasion. This is done by spraying on crystals and vacuuming them off the skin. If these two treatments are not done by a professional, they can aggravate acne rather than clearing it up.

Acne is difficult to treat and it usually takes time. There is actually no known cure. In the meantime, doctors have many acne treatments available. If ordinary methods do not clear that acne up, maybe it's time to see a dermatologist.