Solutions to Lessen Feet Swelling on the Seniors

Inflammation of the feet is a medical condition which is seen in many seniors. In some cases the degree of swelling is determined by the position of the feet, in case it is elevated it completely disappear. The swelling that happens wouldn’t normally demand further interventions except if it seem serious, continuous, reddened, very painful or with other symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness and bluish discoloration of the skin. Thus, as a way to manage feet swelling in the aging adults, the health care providers just like in Senior homes decatur should know what must be referred and what proper medical management to be rendered utilizing quick steps to alleviate this condition.

The reason why older people are more prone to develop feet swelling, is that there is build up of fluids within the ankle region caused by numerous mechanisms. Hence, localized trauma which gives rise to an inflammatory reaction and secondary to fluid leak in the involved area, gravitational effect as in the case of continuous standing and hanging the feet down, inadequate back flow of the blood pooling in the feet due to venous incompetence, obstruction to blood flow and a failure in the pumping mechanism are some of the root cause that could bring about feet swelling. When considering these factors, it is obvious that they could vary from mild to more severe problems and for that reason, one of the first things that the care providers must do prior to handling a feet swelling is to know the main cause that can make the feet swell. Hence, let us now see a few of the great tips that must be followed by caregivers to handle feet swelling on their patients such as in Senior homes decatur.

First, you have to be aware of possible root cause. This isn’t always evident in all cases of feet swelling despite the fact that one may presume to be related to long distance traveling or any such event which made an individual to hang his or her feet down or kept them immobile for a long time. Localized skin changes or pain may show a possible localized trauma, bite or a secondary infection in which case the swelling is probably to be present only on one or both ankles. In case the elderly person complains about other signs and symptoms like shortness of breath and chest pain, it may be due to malfunction in the pumping mechanism or due to a heart failure and will need extensive medical check up before it gets more serious.

The second thing is, always keeping the feet raised will inevitably minimize the swelling to a certain degree and would alleviate the pain caused by inflammation. Massage the feet and do a hot compress as correctly simply because it can give rise to certain amount of relief particularly in the event the swelling is caused by long term immobility. But, it should not be done if such manipulation gives rise to pain or discomfort to the elderly person.

Occasionally, the sufferers doctor will prescribe a tablet to expel excess fluids in the body that will almost always have an influence on the inflamed feet. However, such medications needs to be utilized with doctor’s advice as it can give rise to complications if consumed continuously. That’s the reason it is advised that elderly care facility needs to have regular physical evaluation much like in
decatur senior homes.

Last but not least, using pain killers and anti-inflammatory agents. These drugs would assist to lessen any kind of inflammatory reaction in the feet as well as alleviate any pains that are related to this condition. Consequently, an over the counter pain killer would be adequate in most instances for minor to moderate cases of feet swelling with the aging adults.