Society Finches – Why You Should Have Them

It’s Hard Not to Want a Whole Community of Society Finches

Whether you are a new bird enthusiast or have appreciated your feathered friends for many years, Society Finches are sure to keep you entertained.  As their name suggests, they are extremely social little creatures so it is recommended to always have at least two so they can keep each other company.  Society Finches are friendly and energetic but may be a little nosy and disruptive for other species that are more private in nature.   Therefore, their fun-loving personalities should be taken into consideration when housing with or around other species.

Description of Society Finches

Interestingly, Society Finches are actually a hybrid species that were thoughtfully created and bred by Japanese and Chinese breeders in Asia more than 300 years ago.  Although their definite ancestry is not confirmed, it is suggested that they are derived from the White-rumped Munia and the Striated Finch.  Society Finches mature at a length between four and almost five inches are are available in a few soft color variations being pure white, fawn and white and also chocolate and white.  What makes Society Finches so special is that you will never find two exactly alike, there are even solid varieties as well as tri-colored and crested birds that were developed back in the 1930s.

General Care

Society Finches are considered the perfect birds for novice collectors because they are hardy, inexpensive, easy to care for and have outstanding temperaments.  It is crucial that the birds are provided with fresh water and food everyday.  In addition to this, Society Finches need a constant supply of grit with charcoal.  These essential minerals and trace elements will aid with digestion so it is easiest to keep some in a small cup so they have access to it whenever they eat.

  • Diet – Finch seed mix will act as a solid staple for the diet of these energetic birds.  You can find this relatively cheap at any pet store.  In addition to this mix, Society Finches should be offered greens on a regular basis such as spinach and chickweed.  As a daily treat, your bird will enjoy apples, pears, cooked eggs, seeds with honey and other fruits and vegetables.
  • Cuttlebone – Society Finches should always have access to a cuttlebone in their housing.  These provides the calcium that they need for strong beaks and eggshells when breeding.  Calcium also helps to prevent females from experiencing egg binding and the lime they contain assists with digestion as well.
  • Housing – While these birds are very easy to care for, they do require a clean environment. Most illnesses are always associated with a poor diet and unsanitary surroundings so if you cannot commit to cleaning their cage, you will compromise their health and happiness.  When choosing a location for their cage, it should be away from any drafts and never left in a window with direct sunlight if they have no place to escape the heat.
  • Bathing – Your Society Finches will appreciate being able to bathe themselves in clean water. Make sure the dish is not more than one inch deep and they only need about a half inch of water.  Birds can drown in too much water because it is hard for them to fly with wet wings.
  • Nails – A nail trim will be needed from time to time but you must be careful to not clip into the vein, this could be fatal due to blood.  You will find nail trimmers designed for birds at your local pet store and it is a good idea to pick up some styptic powder which can quickly stop bleeding in case of emergency.

Society Finches are charming birds that are the perfect addition to anyone’s home.  They have great personalities and when care for properly, make happy and fun companions.