Social Phobia – Sociophobia Fear Treatment and Cure

Most people who have this  phobia  realize that their fear is irrational but can’t stop the thought that they are being judged negatively. They despair of ever finding a social  phobia  and fear treatment and cure.

Social phobics have great difficulty in dealing with the following situations:

– Being the center of attention

– Dealing with people in authority

– Meeting new people

– Teasing or criticism

– All social encounters, especially involving strangers

– Having someone watch while they are doing something

– Going around the room and having to say something

What all of these events have in common is that they provoke feelings of being considered incompetent, unworthy or stupid. Many people have a physical reaction as well as the emotional one.

Blushing is very common for folks who have social  phobia  problems. Sweating, dry mouth and rapid breathing and heart beat are also common physical reactions to the dreaded social situations. The most common social  phobia  reaction is a constant intense anxiety that is ever present.

Hear are some real life stories from people who suffer or have suffered from social  phobia .

A young woman finds it terrifying just to walk down the street to to the newsstand. She is afraid that someone will stop and talk to her and she will have to respond. She knows that the stranger will realize how scared she is. She hopes that she can buy her paper and get home without having to speak with anyone.

A man calls in sick to work anytime he might have to do an oral presentation or speak at a meeting. His job is in jeopardy. But he is so afraid people will think his presentation is poorly done, or may expect him to answer questions and they may decide his voice is weak and he doesn’t know his material.

Would you believe that there are cases that are much more severe than these? If you are a social phobic you can relate to these folks and maybe your case is worse. Just have faith that you can find a social  phobia  and fear treatment program that will work for you.

People who have social  phobia  problems may know that people are not truly judging or criticizing them however, the problem s they can’t stop the feelings that come up when they are facing social situations.

By now you are probably wondering when am I going to hear about a treatment or cure. There is no magic pill that you can take and boom! you are cured. However with the right therapist and time you can feel normal again.

Social  phobia  is the most effectively treated by cognitive behavior therapy. When you decide to get help search for a specialist who understands and knows how to treat social  phobia . Ask questions and stay informed about the newest treatment modalities.

Your therapist has to understand your feelings that other people are judging you negatively. If your mental health worker doesn’t seem to get this, look elsewhere.

You need and deserve a therapist who takes your fears seriously. Ask questions and run don’t walk away from any professional who tells you to force yourself to engage in social interaction. You have been dealing with this problem your whole life and now it is time for your cure!

The essentials of freeing yourself are:

– Stick with the treatment program, even if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel

– Learn as much as you can about the condition

– Believe that you can beat this if you work at your social  phobia  and fear treatment and cure

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