Social Phobia Disorder and Blushing in Public

Social phobia disorder is also known as social anxiety.  This is a condition in which people have a fear of social interactions and being negatively judged by other people.  Social anxiety usually starts in early childhood but may not be recognized until adolescence.  It can cause a person to start avoiding social situations all together and put major limitations on the sufferer.  Some people with social anxiousness also have problems with blushing in front of others or sweating excessively when nervous. 

If you struggle with social phobia disorder and blushing you know how embarrassing these moments can be.  You fear interacting with other people because you feel as though you may do something you perceive as stupid.  Then when faced with the situation, you light up like a tomato for no apparent reason and your mind races as to how you are going to escape the embarrassing moment.  The truth is, other people who witness you blush often think it’s endearing.  I know this is little help if you are the one blushing…

If you blush excessively and also have social phobia disorder, you should seek help sooner than later.  If you let your anxiety persist and start limiting your actions, you may grow to fear human contact completely and never want to leave your home.  Social anxiety disorder is very curable and there are numerous treatments to help.

A few treatments for blushing and social phobia disorder include: cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy, group therapy, self esteem training, and natural methods to relieve anxiety.  Yoga, meditation, progressive relaxation, exercise, and a proper diet all help to get you better in tune with your body so you can have better control over your anxiety and blushing. Social phobia disorder can be cured completely.  You only need to find the solution which works best for you.