Social Phobia Cure – 3 Ways to Cure Social Phobia

Social phobia aka social anxiety is a very common mental disorder, it limits sufferers life everyday. It depends on how severe sufferers SA is – for some people it’s just uncomfortable to be around people while others may stay away from most crowded places. To start enjoying life it’s very important to find social phobia cure.

If you’re looking for effective social phobia cure, then you might want to find a therapist. You have a possibility to choose from 3 types of therapies: private, group or cognitive behavioral therapy.

The most common type of therapy is private therapy, you will discuss different topics, describe your feelings and symptoms when you’re around people. Often you may play role games or do presentations to your therapist. Usually therapy lasts about 45 minutes once or twice a week.

It’s good idea to do some research about your therapist before. Make sure that this person has a degree on that area and some experience. If your therapist is specialized on something else, then I suggest you to find someone else, otherwise your SA might be misdiagnosed and mistreated.

Biggest advantage of going to therapies is that you’ll get personalized cure optimized for your symptoms, but they are time-consuming and often expensive.

Another social phobia cure option that you might be interested in are hypnosis. This method is not very common, because some people have reported that it doesn’t work. Fact is that every person is different, so everything can’t work for everyone.

Curing SA by hypnosis doesn’t even require you to leave your house, if you have good audio CD, then you can listen to it from your computer. But remember, if you’re quite convinced that it won’t work for you, then it probably won’t, because it is very important to believe in your social phobia cure method.

The biggest advantage of hypnosis is probably that it’s much less time-consuming than therapies are, but as I said they may not work for everyone.

Third social phobia cure option that I would recommend you is curing it by following self-help guide. It’s similar to taking therapies, but you are your own therapist, so it is much less time-consuming, it’s probably the cheapest social phobia cure method and it’s very effective if a decent guide is followed. If you’re looking for a good guide then you might want to visit my blog.