So You Want 20-20 Vision? Unbelievably Simple Eye Exercises to Help Your Dry Eye

One thing that you can do is to break up your computer activity by going to the gym and exercising. This can definitely relax you and take away the stress from all that computer work. It you are not a gym goer, do something else, go shopping, sit in the garden anything but take that break. It's really important to have a break.

Doing hard, physical labour for 8 hours vs. 8 hours in front of a computer has shown me that the computer work is a lot more tiring and stressful. We just do not realise this and we are spending more and more time on some form of screen and not realising it.

Take regular 5 minute breaks to get a glass of water or cup of tea to break the day up. Going for a short walk helps too, there's nothing better than fresh air to revitalise you and give your eyes a boost and prevent common problems such as eye strain and dry eye.

Getting half an hours exercise in a day (even if it's just walking) usually helps your dry eyes and your whole body!

A little exercise you can do is the "20/20" rule – every 20 minutes, look twenty feet away for twenty seconds. Helps refresh the eyes, will moisture them and alleviate symptoms of dry eye.

Having a pet is a great way to keep from getting so focused on the work. Whether it is a dog that wants to go for a walk, or a cat that wants to sleep on the keyboard, you'll always have to keep an eye on them!

It's good to do eye exercises and eye stretching so close your eyes and squeeze the eye muscles inwards, this draws more blood and energy to your eye balls. Also stop working sometimes for a 30 sec's to a minute and close your eyes and gently rub your fingers over them.

Get up from your desk every hour or so and splash your eyes with cold water. Immediately after doing this, blow on your palms to warm them up and place them on your eyes. It really works!

There is a lot of information widely available about how to set up your work station to avoid eye strain and other health issues. Find out all you can about this and make the necessary arrangements, you will be glad you did.