So Many Diabetes Treatments – How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?


Do you take drugs? Are herbs for you? How much does diet play into the diabetes treatment? To each is own. Finding your remedy as a diabetes patient will relieve you of the agony of having a severe case of diabetes.

Initially when I was diagnosed with diabetes I thought that my condition would subside if I watched what I ate, exercised and found some good alternative to taking medications. Drugs were not in the game plan for me. Having spoken to some diabetics I finally got the message that it was critical to not watch what I ate but to drastically change my eating regimen. From eating almost anything to being careful about what I put in my body. This was the largest realization for me.

Why do you think I started to get better?

I started to eat just raw foods. An acupuncturist suggested that I do this diet of only raw fruits and vegetables. She said it was very difficult for people to stay on. But I gave it a try.

I listened with new ears and I have taken her advice. In only one week of eating raw fruits and raw vegetables the tingling feeling in my feet has subsided very much. My blood sugar has hit a new low of 91.

Changing my diet has worked for me. Here is my list of beneficial things to do to help you with your diabetes disease. In my order of preference.

1 Start eating better – Watch your fat, carbohydrates and sugar intake.

2 Drink lots of green tea

3 Exercise on a regular basis

4 Take the stress out of your life as best you can

These are my top four recommendations. I have added drinking lots of green teas on a daily basis and have found that even on those days when I stray form my diet my blood sugar levels are good. Your situation may be different than mine. By doing what works for you will keep you on the track to better health. Finding what works for you is the main thing.

Finding something that worked the key component for me. I felt much better about myself and I had hope that this disease could be addressed. When I say what worked I am talking about taking my diabetes disease out of the danger zone. Getting my blood sugar level to "between 80-120" on a consistent level is what I mean by out of the danger zone Herbs and exercise helped. I still take herbs and exercise regularly. What has made the largest impact was changing to a healthy and helpful eating plan. And as I have stated before, drink lots of green tea. I drink between five and eight glasses every day.

Altering your diet will help you with your diabetes disease. If learning from some of the best by makes sense to you then go grab your e course and free MP3. The MP3 is an interview I did with The Diabetes Warrior. He lowered his blood sugar and lost over 100 pounds. Quite a remarkable guy.