Snowboard Padding For Beginners

How to enjoy learning to snowboard without the pain.

The worst part about bruising your Tailbone while snowboarding, particularly if you are learning is that it will actually stop you from enjoying yourself because every time you land on it, it gets a little more tender, and a little more painful. It stops you progressing because you lose confidence from fear of landing on your butt again.

Most people have heard a story of a friend who “couldn’t sit down for three weeks after snowboarding” because they bruised their butt or something like that. It is an extremely common story, however there is absolutely no need to endure pain while you learn. You can avoid most pain with the use of something as simple as a piece of foam you place inside your pants.

For decades now people have been putting cushions, newspapers, pillows down the back of their pants when they try snowboarding for the first time because they know it’s going to hurt. Finally the initiative has been taken and now there are now ready made products to make it simple and easy.

Apart from protecting you from the pain of a sore butt , also creates a great insulating layer against the snow so your butt stays warm. Regardless of whether you take a lesson or not you are likely to spend a lot of time sitting on your butt, so why not sit there and be warm, rather than putting up with a cold butt.

Insurance for a good time.

A good way to look at butt protection is that of “insurance for a good time”. Snowboarding isn’t cheap, and if you’re going to spend the money to learn, you want to make sure that, at the very least, you’re having a good time. Paying for tickets, rental, gear, travel etc. all adds up pretty quickly, and if you then find yourself in pain and not having a good time, well then that’s no good for anyone. A Butt protector is the product most likely to help you get maximum enjoyment from your time on the snow.

So have a go at snowboarding!… it’s the best past time in the world, but make sure you enjoy the early stages without the pain, and get yourself a Tailbone protector.