Smoking is Largely Responsible for Tb Existence in Asia and Africa!

Science and technology has completely redefined the meaning of human existence. There is no point recounting the gifts of science and technology to the human society all over again as they have been discussed, elaborated and recounted innumerable times. We cannot thank science and technology enough for what it has done for us. However, we can atleast flatter ourselves by saying that it’s we the human beings who have gifted ourselves the wonderful boon of science and technology. Along with the overall developments in science and technology, parallel achievements were also made by medical science. Medical science has made such things possible that were unthought of some time back. The astounding headways made by the human race in this field have today been responsible for the amazing improvement in the conditions of health and wellbeing of the human beings. It’s only because of the achievements made by medical science that today a number of diseases have been eradicated and many others minimized considerably, not to say of the invention of innumerable cures to a number of serious and minor diseases.

Today medical science has achieved such heights that such innovative concepts like quit smoking drugs have also found existence. Chantix is a quit smoking drug invented by the medical giants Pfizer. Even though the drug has been launched almost everywhere, it is far more easy and convenient to buy chantix online. However, it is not just enough to buy chantix and have it in order to quit smoking.  One has to have the will power to give up the bad habit in addition to keeping in mind the tricky issues like the chantix side-effects, chantix in pregnancy, chantix precautions etc.

Apart from the quit smoking drugs, numerous other measures have been taken towards no smoking. Sadly, smoking still continues to be the immense force it used to be before the anti smoking measures were implemented. The difference is very meager. This addiction is responsible for the loss of the very precious human and monitory resources. It is not only eating up our future generations but is also the most preventable cause of death in many countries. Three fourths of the cancers are caused by smoking and half of the lung cancer deaths are caused by smoking. Easily one of the most widespread addictions in the world, smoking is also a very efficient and potent cause of tuberculosis. The relation between tuberculosis and smoking though was known to the medical world, the link was not that emphasized as TB has been eradicated in most parts of the world including the developed countries. And it is in these countries where the anti smoking measures are carried out in full force and also the smoking related news and discoveries are made. TB is a disease that exists primarily in Asia and Africa. In India the disease is still very much prevalent and smoking is the cause of half of the tuberculosis deaths in Indian men. In fact 3/4ths of Indian men who become victims of TB and who are smokers at the same time wouldn’t have caught the disease if they hadn’t smoked! Thus there’s also the need to work behind this seldom mentioned link between TB and smoking.