Small Behavior Modifications – Make Yourself More Attractive by Controlling Rejection

Embrace rejection because it will lead to success.

If you are afraid to fail with women, then you are afraid to succeed. A typical encounter goes something like this:

A man approaches a woman in a bar. As he approaches, he worries about looking stupid and feeling embarrassed if she rejects him. The man says something unoriginal like “Hi. What are you drinking,” that the woman has probably heard a thousand times. The man projects weakness by being needy and outcome dependent. The woman senses this and is not attracted. She loses interest quickly and gets annoyed with the stranger. She rejects him by turning her back, being rude, or telling him to leave. He feels dejected, tucks his tail, and try’s to nurture his now bruised ego.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.  What can you learn from that situation? How could you have executed better?

And if she does reject you…does it matter? Do you really care what some random, meaningless woman thinks? Has she proved anything other than she was blessed with good looks? Women think the same way. Why should she care what some random, meaningless man has to say?

Scientists have recently revealed that the same part of the brain that handles physical pain (e.g., stubbing your toe) also handles social rejection (e.g., having a woman turn you down or embarrass you in public). This explains why your initial reaction to a woman’s rejection is to become embarrassed – your brain actually senses pain (to your ego).  Now that you know this, you can consciously combat those feelings of embarrassment. 

So act unaffected. Indifferent. If she says, “Wow Mr. Man, you are so sexy I want to make out with you,” you should have the same demeanor, body language, and non-reactive attitude as though she said, “Hey jerk, leave me alone.” Women are attracted to men that do not react to them.

When women see a man that is not phased by social rejection, they become attracted.  They start thinking, “Why is he so confident?  I want to know more. Why isn’t he reacting to me like all the other guys?”  They don’t know their ‘attraction switches’ are being flipped because it’s subconscious. Women are attracted to men who have the highest social status. High status men do not care about social rejection (or rejection from women).  High status (alpha) men know that a man’s value does not change relative to some meaningless woman’s opinion. 

Remember to tell yourself these things when dating and attracting women:

– I will embrace rejection because I can learn from everything that is not a success.

– There is no such thing as failure, only feedback. 

– I will step up to the plate and take my swings because I know if I don’t, I will never hit home runs.

– It’s her loss if she doesn’t want to spend time with me. I will move on to the next woman.

– Pride is useless. The “too cool for school” attitude will not get me anywhere.

– I will be indifferent and non-needy when interacting with women.