Slogan in Obesity

“To become fit and slim, Walk, run or go to gym. To be smart as a bird, Stop eating things absurd.”

Obesity is by far the most terrible condition in modern life. I have met a number of people suffering from this awful condition. I have found that they are always gripped by a kind of mental agony. They seem to be restless and quite disturbed at times. Leading a normal life becomes a distant dream to them. They are sad at their own plight. They are always trying hard to get rid of this condition.

I am not a doctor. I was very fortunate to be attached with eminent doctors in my profession earlier. Some of them run regular clinics for obsessed people. Many of the suffering community have benefited from the treatments. Most of the treatment consisted of an altered food menu combined with regular exercise routines.

Taking no action against this menace will lead to further deterioration of health condition. Start your schedules right from today. Believe in the ‘Slogan’ and act accordingly.

The conclusion on the subject is derived from various recommendations imparted to suffering public. The ‘Slogan’ is a review of my experience with the troubled group of people. See, whether it works for you or not. Consult your doctor positively for details. Enjoy a free life henceforth.

A guideline in the following manner is a sure thing for weight loss program.

Your diet should comprise of green vegetables and fruits, a portion of low fat dairy item and a side dish of whole grains. Always insist on plain water to drink. This should be a minimum of 8 glasses per day. Alcoholic drinks will only work against your mission of the program

A distance of 1-2 km daily walking should be taken up religiously. A running schedule of jogging at least half a kilometer a day will add quality to your program. A workout in the gym for at least half of an hour a day will give boost up results. Take rest for one day in every week. Do not skip meals, it will make you weak. Eat less number of times than before. Draw your individual plan and maintain it strictly to get excellent results. Consult an expert before joining the gym or you can make a visit to your health professional for correct advice.