Sleep, Who Needs It? You Do If You Want to Stop Panic Attacks

It truly is a stressful time and age and we are all feeling it in our pocket books and our lifestyle. Has it been getting to you laTely? Are all the worry and what if starting to deprive you of your peace and quiet? How about your sleep? Does not seem important does it? Not when you have bills to pay, not when it is time to get a second job.

More and more Americans are sacrificing their sleep hours for a little more income. We have seen the trend for some time but now it is for a different reason. A few years ago it just seemed that people wanted to get rich so they worked more. Then people where trying to keep their overpriced, unaffordable lifestyle so they worked more. Today people (who are fortunate enough to have work) are putting in all the hours that they can get just so they can get by with the minimal monthlies (screw the lifestyle they are just trying to fight off foreclosure) so they work more.

The symptoms of this new lifestyle are starting to show their evil little heads in the form of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. The symptoms were very subtle at first just a few extra yawns than normal, nothing that a few extra cups of coffee could not fix. Then people start feeling a little irritated and frustrated. Their spouses and co-workers are the first to notice. So they start taking those famous energy drinks to complement that already insane number of cups of coffee and before you know it you can add jitteriness, anxiety and palpitations to your list of symptoms.

At this point you still have not pinpointed the cause of all those symptoms but you sure can not ignore them. You must be getting sick you think to yourself and the more you think to yourself the more you worry. You have now added the stress of health worries to your already growing list of mental and physical stress which of course will only serve to amplify your symptoms.

Now you really get sick from all that worrying and you start to miss work because of your anxiety. You sit at home now also worried that you are not working and you will not be able to make your minimal monthlies and that sets off the mother of all panic attacks for you and you start having chest pain. It must be a heart attack so you get yourself rushed over to the ER only to find out it is panic attack.

A severe panic attack is what other people get but not you, except this time it was you and on top of that you know have an extra large ER bill for all the expensive tests you had. But before you think about how much more financial stress that is going to cause ,,,,, STOP! Just stop, it is time to hit the brakes. Boy, just writing about this scenario is causing my blood pressure to jump up, how is it affecting you the reader? Well it could be affecting you pretty hard if it is sitting too close to home (is not that right my dearest brother in law?) The truth is that this scenario is being played out more and more everyday in different parts of this country. There has been an increase number illness that is stress related, some as severe as panic attacks and anxiety disorders.

If you are feeling the stress of life then please pay attention to the following recommendations of a good number of health care providers. Worry about what you can fix and do not worry about what you can not. As the saying goes, pray for the wisdom to know the difference. Physically go back to the good old basics and fundamentals. Get plenty of rest and sleep. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine which in itself is a big anxiety trigger. Eat healthy, take your vitamins and get in your exercise as you will feel less lethargic and those endorphins will do wonders for you mood and attitude.

It's always easier and cheaper to nip stress as it starts before it snowballs into a monster life of anxiety and panic attacks. If you feel that your anxiety level has gotten out of control and is affecting your life then it is wise to invest in a good, natural anti-anxiety program. Make sure you follow through with it and in no time you will find yourself feeling like you again.