Sleep Paralysis Symptons


Sleep paralysis is a condition where one experiences complete or partial paralysis of the muscles. Usually it takes place when one just falls asleep or when one wakes up from the sleep, the latter is much more likely to occur. Sleep paralysis can be a situation when you want to get up or speak but you find yourself tongue tied and unable to move. This condition can last for seconds or for minutes depending on the severity of the condition. It can also be terminated by a sound or touch from outside at times.

Sleep paralysis is usually characterized by the following symptoms:

Paralysis: Paralysis of the muscles can take place before going to sleep or as soon as you wake up. The movement of the body parts becomes very difficult except for the processes like breathing and blinking of the eyes. Usually while dreaming, the brain tends to paralyze the body just to protect the body from harming itself while dreaming. People tend to move their body parts as in real while dreaming and they can certainly harm themselves so the brain temporarily paralyzes the body. This paralysis sustains moments after the person has woken up when the brain fails to realize whether the person is still dreaming or not.

Hallucinations: Sleep paralysis is also coupled with hallucinations during sleeping. A person tends to see images or hear sounds before going to sleep or after waking up. He / she can also feel someone exerting heavy weight on their chest or feeling someone's presence in their room, etc. This situation can be really frightening at times for the people who experience it. They almost feel choked and find it hard to move or even open their eyes. It is better to consult a good doctor if you feel that the condition getting worse.