Sleep Paralysis Symptoms – How to Cope


Sleep paralysis symptoms are frightening conditions that cause you to be paralyzed while still conscious. It can happen when you are about to sleep or as you are waking up. As if that is not scary enough, it can also include hallucinations. A person may see an eerie figure, hear a strange sound or feel suffocated. All of these add to the overall feeling of danger for the person. The experiences can be downright scary, leading to panic or a feeling of impending death.

Though there is no known cure yet for this disorder, there are ways to manage its symptoms. These are some of the ways to cope with sleep paralysis;

Learn to recognize the symptoms.

The key to effectively manage sleep paralysis is knowledge. Learn as much as you can about the disorder. Understanding sleep paralysis can ease the sufferer’s mind from stress and fear when it’s time to sleep. Knowing what causes the disorder, its symptoms, and how to treat it can somehow diminish its effect on you.

Find out what triggers your sleep paralysis and avoid it.

Try to observe your sleeping pattern, positions, and your mental or emotional condition before an attack occurred. This will help you identify the factors that can trigger your sleep paralysis and be able to avoid them in the future. If you observe that your sleep paralysis attacks happen when you’re sleeping on your back, then try to sleep on your side. Identify also if the paralysis happens as you were falling asleep or upon waking up. All of this information will come in handy especially if you decide to see a doctor about your problem.

Get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation or irregular sleeping pattern can increase the frequency of paralysis attacks. That is why it is important to maintain healthy sleep. Try to get as much as 6-8 hours of sleep.

Just Relax.

Sleep paralysis can be truly scary, especially when coupled with hallucinations. However, just try to relax during an episode. Keep in mind that it will all go away soon and will not harm you.

Focus on body movement.

One of the best ways to regain consciousness is by moving even just a small part of your body. You can try blinking your eye, batting your eyelashes or roaming your eye around the room. You may also try to wiggle your toes or your fingers. Just concentrate on continuing the movement as fast you can. It can help rid the paralysis in no time.

Monitor your heart rate.

You heart rate normally increases when experiencing sleep paralysis. Take advantage of this. Wear a heart rate monitor that is set to vibrate. The vibration is enough stimuli to nudge you awake.

Tell your partner about your condition.

If someone is sleeping beside you, tell him about your condition. You can try moaning to catch his attention and help you in waking you up.

It is very important to bear in mind that while sleep paralysis is frightening, it is not harmful. You are not alone with your symptoms since a lot of people have experienced it too. You are not dying or losing your mind. But if you feel that it affects you profoundly and you can’t control it through the measures mentioned above, talk to your doctor and see what other things can be done.

We’ve also compiled a comprehensive information on sleep paralysis symptoms,its causes and treatments in our sleep paralysis page. You may not know it but sleep paralysis can also be a direct complication of a sleep disorder called narcolepsy. Find out if you are suffering from this condition too. Go straight to my Narcolepsy website to know more about this disorder. See you there!