Sleep Paralysis – Help to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

The nature of this condition normally leaves one wondering whether sleep paralysis help is actually available. For one it is a neurological condition which was at first believed to be psychological in nature but of late has been linked to other things as well. The best way to tackle this problem would be to understand how it works and the things that cause it.

Sleep paralysis occurs when you suddenly wake up from a dream and you can not exercise voluntary movement over your muscles. The change over of the body from a state of being in totally fast asleep to being totally awake is meant to take some time. If it happens suddenly you become trapped in a state of partial consciousness where you do not know what is real and what is not.

The visions and sensations you feel are real to you and you try and react but because the body is aware that you are in a dream it effects paralysis upon you It's normal to panic and feel fear in such situations but it can be controlled. So when it comes to sleep paralysis help we try and get rid of all the things that will disrupt your normal sleeping cycle. The most obvious things are avoiding alcohol, smoking or caffeine just before you sleep.

Avoid going to sleep without having emptied your bladder. You would be surprised at the things that can trigger sleep paralysis episodes. The room that you sleep in should be fairly dark and be quiet. Light and sound are disruptive to the sleep pattern.

There is lots of sleep paralysis help available. There are so many remedies and techniques that you can make use of, some ideas that other people have tried and found to work very well. There is no need to be having sleepless and restless nights when you have so many options that you can try.