Sleep Paralysis Hallucination

Sleep paralysis hallucination is one condition that affects many people at some stage in their lives. The problem arises when the attacks become more frequent and persistent in nature. For you to be able to deal with the problem you need to at least understand what causes it. Usually it happens when a person is suddenly jostled out of sleep when they are having a dream.

What follows is disorientation that is characterized by the person being semi conscious and half asleep at the same time. The visions that you see as part of the dream become a reality for the half awaken mind. In trying to respond to this the body then reacts by imposing paralysis. This is just a protective measure that's meant to prevent you from negative reactions.

To avoid sleep paralysis hallucination there are a number of avoidance measures that you can try. The first being to sleep in a room that is quiet and is fairly dark and quiet. This is because sound and light are do interfere with the normal sleep of a person. Another thing that you can do to bring this problem under control is follow a regular sleeping schedule.

You should also stay away from substances that will keep you awake like caffeine, alcohol and smoking. Taking them just before going to sleep will put you at risk of getting a sleep paralysis attack. You should also make sure that you do empty your bowels before sleeping.

The ways of dealing with sleep paralysis hallucination are quite varied and needed to be studied in detailed. You can not just pick a random method and apply it. If you can do follow a systematic and recommended program that will act as a guide.