Sleep Paralysis Causes – Top Author Opens Up About Why Your SP Keeps Recurring

If you are looking at sleep paralysis causes they can all be linked to one event. That is the sudden interruption of sleep during a period in which someone was having a dream. The differences then arise as you look at what can cause a sudden interruption to the body’s state of sleep. The reason it occurs if a person was dreaming is the accompanying disorientation of trying to figure out what is real and what is not.

Sleep paralysis is the body’s way of keeping you from taking action to things that are taking place in a dream. There are many things that have been identified as causes of this condition. Like I said before anything that will interfere with the body during a normal sleeping cycle can cause paralysis. It would be interesting to know that it’s more common in people who sleep facing upwards on their backs.

Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine are known stimulants that will affect your sleep. Avoid taking them just before you got to sleep. When you go to sleep try and be relaxed, being tense and stressful will likely trigger the paralysis. Not keeping a regular sleeping timetable is also another of the known sleep paralysis causes. Try and maintain constant times for waking up and going to sleep.

While some people think it’s a good idea to sleep with the lights, radio or TV on; these are same things that cause you to be drifting in and out of sleep and increase the chances of you getting an attack.

It maybe true that by avoiding sleep paralysis causes you can avoid the attacks, there are also other more intelligent ways you can get rid of this problem and never have to be conscious about so many things. I am not talking about meditation or yoga either, but tried and proven techniques that have worked for others.