Sleep Paralysis – 4 Simple Steps to Deal With Lucid Dreaming Sleep Paralysis


Many people, while attempting to have a lucid dream, experience a scary incident called sleep paralysis. The good news is that you need not let sleep paralysis scare you out of having a wonderful lucid dreaming experience.

What is sleep paralysis?

During sleep paralysis, you remain half awake and half asleep. You find that you cannot move. Getting panicky only worsens the situation. If you panic, you might hallucinate that there is something evil in the room. You might see grotesque figures or you might imagine that something is trying to kill you. This is pure hallucination, created by a terrified mind. Unfortunately, it could drive many people from having delightful lucid dreaming experiences.

How do you deal with sleep paralysis?

The following is a step-by- step process to have a lucid dream without being disturbed by sleep paralysis.

Step one: Affirm

Before going to bed, say firmly to yourself that you will remember your dreams and have the power to control them. Repeat this positive affirmation till you find yourself drifting off to sleep.

Step two: Maintain a dream diary

You need not write in your dream diary forever, only till you learn complete dream recall. Every time you wake up, write down your dream experiences in your diary. If you cannot remember everything, write as much as you can. Dream recall enhances dream control.

Step three: Have a lucid dream

Here is a technique that has worked for many people.

Establish a sleeping pattern and stick to it for about a week. Then, break it! Go to sleep a few hours later than your usual bedtime hour, but wake up at your usual waking hour. Get out of bed, do something to shake off your sleep, and then get back to bed.

Going to sleep on your back is of paramount importance! Don’t sleep in any other posture. As you start falling asleep, think about the type of dream you would like to have. You can even plan your dream.

When you fall asleep, you will start dreaming the very dream you were thinking about. You might feel some vibrations or pulsations or you might hear some buzzing sounds. All this is quite normal.

Step four: Dealing with sleep paralysis

In case you find yourself half-asleep and half-awake and find it difficult to move, you are in sleep paralysis.

Stay calm! Many people panic and end up having a nightmare or, worse still, seeing something terrifying. So, don’t be afraid. Instead, focus on your breath. Think happy thoughts, and the sleep paralysis will soon get transformed into a great lucid dream.

Congratulations! You have succeeded in getting a lucid dream. You can now use lucid dreaming for any purpose. You can develop skills, learn new things, solve your problems, enjoy sex, fly into space, visit foreign countries, go back in time, meet exciting people, and many more.

Everything is now under your control. Lucid dreaming transforms you into a god, with the ability to change anything, create anything, and experience anything you will.