Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis happens to a person when he is fast asleep and he is unable to move. There are also some problems that could be seen in every action as well as in his emotions including speech. This problem mainly occurs just before the person is about to sleep or even when he wakes up. There are many people in this world who suffer from the sleep paralysis. They are not able to move their limbs while sleeping. While in some cases it has been seen that there is some presence of complete skeletal muscle paralysis. There are reports that say that people experience someone is sitting on their chest due to which they feel quite suffocated. It might also be a possible cause of hereditary disorder as well. In this case, although a person feels awake, still he is unable to move or even speak anything.

Causes of sleep paralysis

When it comes to this disease, there are various potential causes associated with it. It may be due to presence of low levels of melatonin and it may also include reasons such as sleeping in certain different positions or even stress as well as irregular sleep schedules. So, these are some of the causes of this disease.


One of the best ways to treat this disease is to reduce stress as well as tensions from the mind of the individual. Exercising too helps a lot in treating this problem. It is very important that you go for a consultation of a good doctor who would be able to suggest appropriate medicines in order to cure this problem. There might be some mental disorders in the mind of a person when he suffers from sleep paralysis. It is best if the person can go for set-sleeping patter which reasonably helps in preventing this problem.