Slavery in Nigeria who is to be blamed


For years, the white have been blamed for the forced transportation of at least 10 million enslaved Africans for labor from their homelands in Africa to destinations in Europe and the Americas during the 15th through 19th centuries, which is been said to have done more harm than good in Africa.

Civil Right Congress, a human right activist organization by lead by Shehu Sani has thrown it weight on the issue of slave trade in Nigeria with the question ‘Who is to be blamed’ that got the war started as the traditional rulers are summoned to apologize for their involvement in the act of slave trade.

“Who is to be blamed? Whose sin is greater, is it that of the buyers or the sellers who sold more than 150 slaves for just an umbrella , we cannot accept them without full apology for the roles of Traditional rulers in slavery” that statement was made the President of the Civil Right Congress, Shehu Sani.

On 18th June, 2009, the US Senate formally passes an apology resolution acknowledging the Fundamental Injustice, Cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crows laws.

Earlier, in 2001, a French law passed, recognizes the transatlantic slavery as a crime against humanity, while in 2007  the then British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, had equally apologized for the roles of Britain in the slavery holocaust.

Regrettably, most of the Nigerian traditional rulers, reportedly significantly participated by collaborating and colluding with the slave raiders (after a bribe of firearms or gun power) in the enslavement of their fellow Nigerian people.

In an interview with Shehu Sani, he said that their findings have shown that there are some traditional rulers who gave out 450 slaves in an exchange for a mirror, some thousands for just a necklace and they cannot just sit down to pretend these things never happens.

“The Nigerian Traditional rulers are the gateway to slave trade, they are behind all the slavery as the white can not gain access with the aid of the traditional rulers. For them to be accepted in the society they must render apology before the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“The forefathers of the traditional rulers in Nigeria committed an atrocity, which the impacts of slavery led to a permanent demographic changes, irreversible and painful displacement, and perpetual dislocation of closely bended families which will live as long as evolution.”

Apart from slowing down social reform and innovation in statecrafts in Nigeria, it equally contributed to the deculturalization and force foreign values and beliefs on Nigeria, it promoted unending wars, chaos in Nigeria also heighten sense of inferiority in Nigeria.

Shehu Sani who made it known that slave trade for Nigerian societies are have done more harm than good which directly or indirectly affects the present day Nigeria. The removal of millions of young men and women led to depopulation that stifled Nigerian creativity and production.

While speaking further Shehu Sani said, “we cannot continue to blame the white men (Slave Raider) as Africans particularly the traditional rulers are not blameless in their involvement in slave trade”

In the view that the Americans and Europe have accepted the cruelty of their roles and have forcefully apologized, it would be logical, reasonable and humble if African Traditional Rulers accept blame and formally apologize to the descendants of the victims of their collaborative and exploitative slave trade in Africa.