Skin Tags


Skin tags are a type of growth of the skin that is linked to the body by a short stalk. Skin tags are generally found in the neck, armpits and groin. Tags are small in size, soft and flesh colored growth that extends beyond your skin. Usually they do not harm. They are usually found on the eyelids near the eyes. Tags are very common among the people whose age is sixty and above. They are mostly in women than men. They are dark in color and the size ranges from 1millimetre to 5 centimeter.

They are generally found in the skin folds. The chances of tags are more in the people who are obese and the persons undergoing diabetes. They are commonly found in wrinkled skin or folded area of ​​the body. Removing of these tags may also have some negative effects. Excision method of removing the skin tags may be a little painful and you may also feel uncomfortable and possibly it may leave behind a scar. Recurrence of skin tags is an expected scene. But most of the methods of removing tags are not capable to prevent that. The treatment for tags may take little time say from some days to months before you see any results.

Skin tags often develop in the warm moist areas like groins, armpits, under the breasts and also near the neck. They have the tendency to become big in size as the time passes and are easy to eliminate with the help of scissors or by freezing them off. Surgical methods of removing skin tag are very effective and at the same time it is also very expensive. There are also some alternative solutions to remove tags which include laser removal or freezing the tag. You can also get rid of them by yourself.

The usual way to remove this is to tie a piece of dental floss or thread near the base of the tag cutting off the supply of blood. You have two options available that is either to cut the tag off with surgical scanners or wait till it falls by itself. You can also use serums for the tag removal because it uses only the natural ingredients that work in harmony with your body and they do not leave a scar after the treatment. You can easily apply the serum to the skin tags and just wait for it to fall off.