Skin Rashes Due to Allergies: Common Triggers

When the body can’t tolerate a food or environmental trigger it can result in respiratory problems, headaches, hives pimples, digestive issues and eczema skin itching. We can react to mold, fragrances from household products, perfumes, food ingredients and many other factors we are in touch sith daily. Allergic contact dermatitis can occur due to the metals in belt buckles or jewelery that we innocently never consider. Moderate to severe rashes can occur if you have a nickel allergy for a number of people.

Other culprits of triggers of dermatitis can be construction materials in the home or environment and cleaning products in the home or place of work. A new carpet may result in an allergic response to sensitive individuals. Some people will not be able to tolerate certain antibiotics and this can result in a rash from amoxicillin or a different drug in the penicillin class. When we pick up a new detergent or the latest advertised product, we may get a reaction that can result in wheezing or an itchy skin rash. Certain individuals will not be able to tolerate new paint fragrances or formaldehyde in the environment and may be sensitive to benzenes.

Identifying the triggers can be a great key towards eliminating the cause of the atopic eczema, contact dermatitis or pink patch skin reaction. It also is useful because until you can identify the underlying causes, it can make everything in the environment a potential trigger and create a lot of uncertainty and stress. An allergist can help you do this or you can study closely your own skin problems in relation to foods and environmental stimulants.

While you are trying to investigate things keep in mind that strong deodorants and sprays, fragrant candles, sheets for the dryer cycle, ink in magic markers and even fragrances you plug in to the outlet may be candidates for the allergic skin reactions. For some people the substitutes used in fragance free products are also difficult to tolerate.

The good news is that the allergic causes can be determined, even if takes a lot of trial and error. In addition to one’s own journal or an allergist, consulting with a dermatologist or an immunologist can help you find answers. Be patient as you work to identify the underlying causes of the patches, rash and itching. Strengthen your immune system with flax seed oil, vitamin c, zinc and a good multivitamin pill.

Get rest and if your sleeping is impaired, an antihistamine can reduce the itching and enable you to sleep. Use simple breathing techniques in order to stay calm as psychologically our minds can cause us a lot of additional stress. Keep your confidence that you’ll clear your skin and you’ll reach the root cause to regain your life again.