Skin Rashes – Causes of Different Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are repulsive and can make us very uncomfortable and too sensitive to glances of other people. It is the reason why someone would do anything just to rid this awful condition. What most sufferers don’t understand that a skin rash can be caused by many factors and some of them are bacterial, fungus, viral infections, and allergic reactions.

Contact to flowers and bites from creepy crawlers can also give you skin rashes. While others react negatively to nickel and material because their skin is too sensitive, this is called contact dermatitis. All these can be the causes or source of your skin breakouts, if you ever develop breakouts due to any of these stay away from them completely.

Another reason for skin irritations is dry skin it happens when you are too dehydrated or when the climate is way too hot. A skin can lose its moisture anytime if you neglect to be concerned by it. You will know you have rashes due to dehydration if your skin becomes reddish and you develop spots over some part of your body.

Drinking lots of waters a day can quickly replenish the loss fluid and moisturizes the skin. Using powder can add to your rashes as it tends to dry the skin, something you’re trying to avoid. Humidifiers should be use during cold days to avoid wrinkling the skin.

Dirt can also make the skin reacts negatively, although it does not make the skin irritated right away because of the pollution, but if left unclean then your skin will irritate. Proper washing using mild soap or cleanser is important, and don’t forget to pat the water off your skin rather than rubbing the towel into it.

Genetics or hereditary is also another source of skin rashes. Oily face, acne, rash, and eczema are the usual result of this condition. To make sure which factors is the root of your rashes, consult a dermatologist to find out what is a best treatment to help your skin.