Skin Rash Type – Itching To Tell You…

Rashes are usually symptoms of something else, and these rashes come in many types, shapes, and yes, even colors. Well, okay, there’s really basically only red and white.

Your skin rash type might be a rash in its simplest form: dry, flakey skin or slightly raised areas of skin with reddening around it.

There are also many other types of rashes caused by allergies, insect bites, or rubbing from poorly fitted clothing or a fabric that is rough.

Some other skin rash types are the ever present from adolescence onward acne, or rosacea, boils, cellulitus, infected hair follicles, hives, or even inflammation of your sweat glands.

Skin rashes often develop from allergies to foods, or preservatives. Several forms of dermatitis are allergic reactions or sensitivity to gluten.

Sometimes allergies to some odd things can cause different types of skin rashes. Some people are allergic to certain medications. Others are allergic to different types of perfumes and strange as it may seem, some people get a type of rash caused by an allergy even to jewelry.

Also, wearing jewelry may irritate the skin just from the contact. Dangling necklaces and chains, or a ring that has a rough edge or spot on it can cause a rash from coming into contact with your skin.

Whatever the type of your skin rash, it’s always best to treat it early rather than later. Persistent rashes can cause scarring from the constant itching, and only worsen the problem and continue the cycle.

So that old saying about ‘scratch where it itches’ might be one to swear off at least for a while. Hopefully though, you’ll find that you’re not allergic to diamonds or gold!