Skin Rash – Causes and Treatment

Skin rash can be caused by a number of factors. The most common cause includes allergic reactions on to food, chemicals, plants, and animals or insects. Have you ever wondered why some people are prone to have allergic skin rashes while others are immune to them. In this article I will be writing about allergic skin rashes, its causes, and its prevention.

Allergic skin rashes can occur anywhere on the body. Most commonly these rashes occur at the region which comes in contact with the allergen. The severity of the reaction depends on the sensitivity of the person to the allergen. The skin is a natural barrier protecting our internal organs. It acts as our first line of defense. Most of the allergens are in the form of proteins. These proteins are presented to the body defense cells known as lymphocytes. These cells will then release certain chemicals resulting in allergic reaction on the skin which manifests as various types of rashes.

Sometimes antigens might be presented to the lymphocytes internally. For example rashes which occur due to certain medications or due to certain food are mainly due to reaction which occurs in the body. The lymphocytes throughout the body are stimulated resulting rashes all over the body.

Most common type of skin rash includes:

• Eczema: it is usually dry and is very itchy.

• Contact dermatitis due to irritants is caused when the skin comes in contact with certain chemicals, or detergents.

• Contact dermatitis due to allergens is caused when skin comes in contact with allergens like the jewelry around the neck or fingers.

Prevention of rashes is fairly simple and direct. One needs to avoid all contact with the allergens or irritants. The simplest measures like wearing gloves when handling a detergent which causes rashes, will protect your skin. Other measures includes wearing a mask while travelling, this is especially useful if you are allergic to certain pollens. Similarly wearing a long sleeved cloth will protect your skin on your arms coming into contact with any allergen. If you have allergy due to food or medication you should immediately stop them and consult your doctor. It is important to know that these skin rashes are the primary skin of body reaction against allergens if this is not stopped the whole body goes into a shock like condition due to reaction to the allergens. If you have a skin rash due to allergy does not scratch as it only makes the symptom worse. You can put some ice on the area of rash. This decreases the blood supply to the area thus decreasing the lymphocytes reducing the severity of the symptom.