Skin Rash – A Chinese Herbal Prescription

Skin rash is a common term used in Chinese medicine for acne, eczema and so on. It is considered a symptom only. Some cases last a few days but many will last for years. You'll never get to the roots if you use ointments or other skin applications. You must understand the characteristics of this problem: (a) The rash can spread or move from one location to another. (B) It flares up from time to time for various reasons. (C) What you eat or do can make it better or worse.

Skin rash is deeper than what the skin shows. It's the blood that causes this as evidenced by the characteristics described above. The Chinese view points to the existence of "excess heat" in the blood, which means many things including: too much peppery / deep-fried / greasy food, too much shellfish consumed like crabs / clams / oysters, excessive toxins in the blood through eating or exposure, not enough rest, hot weather getting into you, etc.

An effective prescription should aim to do four things:

1) Reduce excess heat in body or blood

Xuan Shen

Lu Gen

Gou Teng

2) Cleanse toxins in blood

Sheng Di Huang

Bai Hua She Cao

Huang Qin

Zhi Mu

3) Nourish and moisten the skin

Mai Men Dong

Yu Zhu

Ze Xie

4) Calm the liver which may be overactive

Bai Shao

Jin Yin Hua

A combination of 12 herbs are recommended.

Drink one to two cups (8 oz each) of herb tea a day. Your skin rash will not disappear overnight. Progress will show in many ways such as less frequent eruptions, less intensity when it erupts, rash areas becoming dry and new skin beginning to replace the old one. Skin rash usually take months to cure, if not years.

You will never get better if you do not pay attention to the following:

(A) Eat less greasy, peppery, deep-fried or barbecued food

(B) Eat less shellfish such as crabs, clams, oysters, mussels, shrimps, etc.

(C) Drink more water or fruit juice to moisturize your skin.

(D) Eat more vegetables and juicy fruits.

(E) Rest enough and avoid burning the midnight oil to calm your liver.

This is just one formula with countless variations depending on the severity and nature of the rash, your lifestyle regarding eating and resting, and what kind of environment you are exposed to.