Skin Health and You

Skin health awareness is particularly important for massage therapists due to the close contact nature of their profession. Many times, skin abnormalities go unnoticed and untreated simply because they're in a visually inaccessible location of the body. Massage therapists can play a vital role in the prevention of skin cancer, simply because they have access to parts of the body that may go unseen to others. Because of this, it's highly important for bodywork professionals to be aware of skin irregularities on their client's bodies.

While the majority of skin cancers occurs on parts of the body frequently exposed to the sun, they can also be found on other areas more difficult to see when doing a self-evaluation, like the back. Knowing the basic characteristics of a healthy mole is imperative for both the therapist and the client. When performing a massage, look at the shape, size and color of the growth, and inform your clients of any irregularities, in case they may not be aware of it already. Your suggestions are important and may save your client's life.

Determining whether a mole is harmless or not is outside a massage therapist's scope of practice, but many times your client is not even aware that the mole exists. Pointing out any suspicious looking skin growths during a session and encouraging them to receive routine skin exams by their dermatologist can be extremely beneficial to your client's health. With skin cancer being the most common form of cancer, it's necessary that you suggest regular skin checks, especially if your client is often exposed to the harsh rays of the sun.