Skin Fungus Is Contagious!

Be it Nail Fungus, Athlete's Foot, Ringworm (all Tinea) or any other type of Skin Fungus , it is, indeed contagious. Not only to people who come in contact with your, but also to animals and to other parts of you body!

This is why so many people, after contracting (they "caught" it too) toe nail fungus, so often also develop fingernail fungus. The fungus is happy to live pretty much anywhere on your body, but it greatly favors the nails, feet, and groin areas. But all this is not too make you feel like you need to be paranoid about fungus, but to help you understand how to combat it! While it can be cured with everyday household items (see link below) it is also important to know what to do while it is here. As you read this article, you will discover effective ways to manage and isolate your fungal infections.

– Cover it!

Depending on the location of the infestation, you may cover your fungi by default. But, regardless, one of the single most important thing you can do to contain it is to wear something over it. Obviously, if located on the feet or groin areas, shoes and pant / shorts are covering it. Weaving gloves or a long-sleeved shirt can help for upper locations as well.

Be careful however, that you are not "smothering" it. Certain articles of clothing are more prone to cause sweating (leather, latex, thick nylon, etc.) which will actually harm your condition. Fungi absolutely love dark, warm, moist locations … so do not give it to them! Instead, wear cotton or other breath material to reduce sweating and keep you cool. For shoes, consider wearing open-toe sandals with cotton socks to provide ventilation, but not exposure. And if you have some stinky shoes, get rid of them. They stink because they are infected with fungus.

Lastly, make sure to launder everything after it's first wear. You do not want fungus spreading through yesterday's clothes!

– Clean it!

If you do not shower every night, start now. You do not needlessly have to do cleaning every night (though I choose to now), but you should make sure to scrub warm, soapy, water all around your infected areas to reduce the grime on your skin that the fungi would like to feed on. Make SURE to dry thoroughly, since moisture is what fungi love. Baby powder may be a good idea too.

– Chill it!

Keep your house or room at less than 75 degrees at all times … preferably 72 degrees or less. Cool environments will actually cause the Skin Fungus to begin to die. Some light cases of fungi can actually be cured this way. Wear socks when indoors if your feet are infected to keep them cool and dry.