Skin Cleansing Basics – Keep Your Skin Youthful and Beautiful

You probably already know the importance of skin cleansing in your daily routine. Keeping your skin clean should be the first step in your daily skin care regimen.

Unfortunately, not many people know how to do cleansing skin care properly. There are so many misconceptions about skin cleansing that you could end up causing more harm to your skin than good.

The first error is to scrub your skin vigorously. Your facial skin is very delicate and you could damage it by using rough and heavy handed motions while washing it. Also, do not use harsh products on it. Ordinary bar soap comes in this category. The chemicals in it are very strong and make it unsuitable for facial use.

Products marketed as facial scrubs should be avoided at all costs, unless they contain micro-granules.

You may also feel very satisfied if your skin is very tight and dry after a wash. This is actually a sign that you have washed all the protective natural oils out of your skin in addition to the dirt. On the other hand, if a cleanser is too mild for your skin type, you will not be able to dislodge all the dirt and grime from your face. This will increase your risk of acne, blackheads and enlarged pores.

Harsh and drying products rob your skin of moisture and oils and can cause wrinkles to happen earlier than they otherwise would.

The best way to do cleansing skin care is to use a mild facial cleanser once or twice a day. If you feel the need to wash your face more often, use plain water without any cleanser. This will help you retain all the oils while washing away the surface dirt.

These cleansing skin care basics are the foundation of keeping your skin young and glowing.