Six Reasons for Us to Drink Tea

The family members of tea mainly include green tea, black tea, white tea, flower tea, oolong tea, and so on. The nutritional value of tea is extremely high. In our daily life, tea can effectively help us improve body health and resist radiation. Generally speaking, six reasons can persuade us to drink tea.

First, the theine contained in tea leaves can help us stimulate the central nervous system, eliminate fatigue and improve the work efficiency. When we are drinking tea, our taste bud can be stimulated and our body can be refreshed. What's more, the theine can also alleviate bronchospasm, accelerate blood circulation, cure bronchial asthma, relieve cough, reduce sputum and prevent miocardial infarction for us.

Second, the catechins contained in tea can decrease the absorption of fat in our body and burn the extra fat to maintain a healthy body for us. At the same time, the chemical compounds like folic acid and vitamin C can adjust the metabolism of fat, decompose fat and decrease cholesterol to help us lose weight.

Third, the flavonoids can effectively restrain the growth of cancer cells and prevent various kinds of cancer for us. What's more, we can also prevent cardiovascular disease, stabilize blood pressure and improve immune system by drinking tea. According to the research, people who often drink tea can be rarely attacked by cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Fourth, tannic acid can be responsible for killing bacteria and alleviating intestinal diseases including enteritis, diarrhea and cholera. Therefore, we can use strong tea to clean the wounds so as to kill bacteria and eliminate inflammation. In addition, we can also use tea leaves to deal with ulcer and oral inflammation.

Fifth, the theine and theophylline can work together to improve urination and alleviate edema for us. For example, black tea is very effective in eliminating toxins and accelerating urination for human body.

Sixth, the fluorine contained in tea can be integrated with calcium in teeth to produce fluorapatite which can not be dissolved in acid. Like a protective layer, fluorapatite can effectively protect our teeth to prevent the formation of decayed teeth.

So, tea is really beneficial to our body. Various benefits can persuade us to drink tea. In our daily life, we can choose tea to take the place of carbonated beverage. In addition, we should not drink much tea in the evening, or our normal sleep can be affected.