Six Common Causes of Lip Sores

Comment from my mailbox: Hi Dr. Moffat –I just wanted to let you know that my lips cracking in the corners are all healed up today! Looks like the call on the lip balm was perfect — I started using mint lip balm from Trader Joe’s after I got your message on Monday. The little bumps on the upper edge of my lip is also gone and the corners aren’t all puffy anymore either. Thanks again for testing that for me. The fact that it wasn’t healing was driving me nuts. Sheila.

Sheila was having a couple different challenges with her lips. Because they were not responding, she kept trying new things. We found several things she was using occasionally and a couple of things she was using more consistently that she was allergic to.

This is a common thing that people do for both themselves and their pets (trying lots of products when something isn’t working then not knowing which products are causing the problem.) Unfortunately sometimes this only makes the problem worse and difficult to decipher–unless you use muscle testing which is what we did.

In general though:

1) People are often allergic to products containing petroleum and even some products labeled “hypoallergenic”. Occasionally people are allergic to their toothpaste and more often to their lipstick/lip balm. Many people are allergic to Neosporin and Chap Stick. I recommend Mentholatum Lip Balm often. It comes in tube, like Chap Stick. There are also homeopathic remedies to detox the body of what it is allergically responding to.

2) Sores on the outside corners of the mouth are usually vitamin deficiencies–especially vitamin B6.

3) Sores on the top and bottom lip edge are often allergies to something being put on the lips and often this can be aggravated by sunshine.

4) Canker sores, herpes sores and cold sores are often related to what it is in the person’s life that they are “biting their tongue” about or not saying out loud and is also accentuated by stress, poor diet, not enough raw foods, and sleep issues (in combination of course).

5) Sores inside the lip and under the tongue can sometimes be viral in origin or an allergy to something. I know a few people who are allergic to nutmeg which causes a little vesicle to form under the tongue on the frenulum.

6) White sores on the mouth are usually caused from yeast (Candida). Try getting a lip product that contains Myrrh essential oil. You will also have incorporate lifestyle changes to overcome the yeast inside your system.

I hope those clues can empower you to figure out the cause of the most common lip challenges. Sometimes they make your lips itch, they can make you feel ugly, and you certainly don’t want to kiss anybody! We don’t want that for you as loving yourself is the most important thing you can do for your family and your planet!