Sinuses – Despite Some Debate As to It’s Impact, What We Eat Does Matter


To what extent the food we eat affects our sinuses has been an ongoing debate for sometime. But rather than getting involved into the theoretical, allow me to tell you about my experience, which probably is not unique. Other people I have known with sinus pressure and related problems seem to agree with the basic conclusion I have arrived at. This is based on several years of observing the effect that food has had on my sinus.

There is an awareness, like never before, of the importance that nutrition plays in a person’s health. What someone wrote many years ago that “we are what we eat” seems to be gaining relevance as nutritional research probes deeper into the correlation between health and the food we eat. Manufacturers of foods are very conscious of this awareness by the way they label their products. Foods containing low or unsaturated fat, natural ingredients, low or no sugar added, low cholesterol,etc., are conspicuously labeled this way.

It should not come as a surprise to many if I were to tell you that what I eat does affect the condition of my sinuses. Let me be blunt: If I want to have a sinus headache and/or post nasal drip (PND) I can have one anytime I so desire. All I have to do is have some foods and that’s it !

Research has shown again and again the correlation between a diet containing certain foods and the incidence of certain other health problems such as heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, etc. This relationship is accepted by almost everyone. And the reverse is also becoming common knowledge, too: The lack of certain nutritional elements can also bring about unwanted health results. And so with sinus health. I believe that wrong eating has more to do with sinus pressure and other sinus ailments than many would had imagined.

Without meaning to get religious, it is interesting to note that modern nutritional research science seems to corroborate what the Bible Book of Genesis states about the original diet our Maker gave humankind–which some would say is still the best for us: Grains, fruits, nuts and vegetables(Genesis Chapter 1, verse 11; Chapter 2, verse 9; and Chapter 3, verse 18.) Research has also shown that when one adheres to a diet that contains primarily these natural foods a person lives longer and is healthier (e.g., Loma Linda University-Adventist Health Studies Number 1 and 2; 1974-1988; 2002 – present, respectively.)

In conclusion, those of us who suffer or have suffered from sinus pressure and other related sinus ailments would do well to consider the impact of certain foods on our sinus conditions . Plain common sense tell some of us to avoid them as much as possible. If we want the joy of having clear sinuses, freedom from PND, no more sinus headaches, etc., re-considering what we eat is a step in the right direction.