Sinus Pressure Relief – A Little Known Cause and How to Get Rid of It

Tired of nasal and sinus sprays, inhalations, swallowing pills and, of course, the bothersome pressure? For many years I, too, went through the throws of that experience many times until, with some help, we were able to pinpoint the culprit. Let me share with you what it was and how to get rid of it:

Beneath the surface

A very common, but little known cause of sinus pressure is allergy to house dust. Technically, there are a number of different kinds of house dust. For example, whether you have pets or not makes, of course, a difference in its composition. But one element in it which is very common and very little known is dust mites. More specifically dust mite droppings. Those microscopic rascals thrive in an environment containing: warmth, humidity and perfect food-the dead skin particles the body sheds. Unfortunately this perfect habitat condition is found in a piece of furniture we call: mattress.

As we sleep the body’ warmth, perspiration and skin particles–from rubbing against the mattress–make the ideal breeding place for the invisible nuisance. You cannot take their lives with insecticides or some other reasonable means, without creating some other problem-at least for now. One has to find a way to circumvent their presence and “legacy”. Keep in mind that carpets can also provide that ideal habitat for the mites, especially if you have pets.

Finding out

The next logical step is to find out whether one is indeed allergic to house dust. The professional way to do this would be to have an allergy skin test done. Very small amounts of the serum of various kinds of house dust are injected right below the skin. Several days later the reaction is evaluated. Another much simpler and inexpensive way can initially be used to ascertain in principle whether you are allergic or not is this: place your nose close to the bare mattress, take a deep sniff and see what happens. If you are allergic to the dust you will know it, for one or a combination of these would soon follow: sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, runny nose, sinus congestion, difficulty in breathing, etc.

The solution

If you determine that you are, basically, allergic to house dust– or any one of its components–you have several options available. One is to have an allergy specialist do skin tests for house dust. If the results are positive then get injected regularly to desensitize the immune system against the allergens involved. A more practical option is to try first placing the mattress in a specially made zippered mattress case and sheet–which will insulate you from the mattress dust, mites and their legacy. These mattress items can be found on the internet or medical supply store.

Do not allow sinus pressure to become a drag in your life; a simple test and bedding changes could be the solution.