Sinus Infections – Can Sinus Problems Cause a Sore Throat? Nurse's Guide

If you're suffering from a sore throat right now or sometimes find you have a sore throat and not sure what's causing it, you may be interested in knowing that it could be your sinuses. When most people get sore throats what usually comes to mind as a cause is strep throat, tonsillitis, influenza (the flu) or the common cold among other things. Sinus infections and other sinus problems are seldom thought of.

So how could your sins possibly cause a sore throat? When your sinuses normally drain they drain down the back of your throat into your esophagus etc. At times you may have an excessive amount of mucus or sinus drain or abnormal drain and if it contains infected material or other irritants you can get a sore throat.

Usually this sore throat is mild and more of an annoyance. But there is a quick way to determine if your sore throat is actually caused by a sinus problem, sinus infection or sinusitis, which is any inflammation of the sinuses.

A warm salt water gargle will help you determine whether it's your sinuses causing your sore or not. If you've never tried a salt water gargle before there's a simple way to do it.

Warm a cup of pure water on the stove until barely tepid, preferably use some bottled water or spring water if you have it. You do not want it hot, just barely warm. Tap water can be irritating with fluoride and chlorine and other chemicals in it and you may not get it to the proper temperature. Then dissolve about one half measuring teaspoon (it must be a measuring spoon, not a spoon that you use to eat with) of salt in 8 ounces of warm water and gargle with it gently several times.

In the next hour if you notice that your sore throat is easing up then you may just have an irritated throat from the sinus drainage. Now of course there could be other causes of your sore throat too so you want to keep that in mind.

You want to make sure you check with your doctor first to make sure that it's okay for you to use a salt water gargle.

Of course there are a few natural home treatments that you can do to stop or get rid of a sinus infection or any other type of sinus problems you may have – natural home remedies. Antibiotics are no longer prescribed routinely for sinus infections. Many infections are not caused by bacteria, which antibiotics are meant to be used for. People develop allergies and a resistance to antibiotics also. So get started right away on natural sinus treatments and home sinus busters to get relief and to prevent your infection, sinusitis or other sinus problems from getting worse.