Sinus Infection Symptoms – Can Your Toothache Be A Sinus Infection Instead? Nurse’s Secret

If you have a toothache in your upper jaw it’s possible that you don’t have a dental issue or an infected tooth at all but instead it may be sinusitis or a maxillary sinus infection instead. And the reverse can be true also. One may think they have a sinus infection but actually have a toothache. This is a much more common occurrence than one might think. In fact dentists have actually extracted teeth or done root canals on teeth that didn’t need it. You may have other symptoms that indicate that you have a sinus infection or a sinus inflammation starting up.

The maxillary sinuses lie close to the jaw where your upper teeth are located. The maxillary sinuses are only one of four sets of sinuses we have. If you have an infection in the root of a tooth it can cause pain that radiates to the cheek and mimics sinusitis or a sinus problem. As a side note you can also get pain from your jaw joint by your ear- the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and make you think you have sinusitis or a sinus problem also.

On occasion over the years when dental patients have had a tooth pulled in the upper jaw it has caused a sinus infection because the infected roots are so close to the sinuses. You want to make sure you understand where the source of your pain or discomfort is coming from so that you don’t pull teeth or get a root canal or visit your arthritis doctor for your temporomandibular joint when it’s not the source of your pain and suffering.

Make sure to review possible sinus infection symptoms first. You don’t have to have all the symptoms to determine whether you have an infection or not. You may be in the early stages also with irritated sinuses and in both cases you want to use natural treatment at home to get rid of it. These symptoms include slight sore throat, coughing, sneezing, lump in your throat, yellow or green mucus, but especially yellow mucus, which can almost always indicate a sinus infection, loss of smell, loss of taste, bad breath, ear fullness, sometimes fever and fatigue. Many people don’t connect their fatigue or just plain tired feeling with their sinuses. Sinus infections are systemic, which means they affect your whole body.

So finally you want to determine whether you have a simple toothache, a TMJ problem or a sinus infection. Checking this out first can save you a lot of agony, time and money. You don’t want to assume it’s a toothache when it’s actually your TMJ or your sinuses bothering you.