Simply the Best Chest Exercise Ever

Let's face it, few things in life are as impressive as a guy with a well defined set of pecs. One of the most tragic things I see on a regular basis (being that I live in Florida) is guys who run around shirtless, who has well a well defined midsection, but an almost concave chest. Aside from throwing off the tapered "V" shape that most guys shoot for, having underdeveloped chest can hurt your results with other types of training (your biceps and deltoids just to name a couple), but fear not friends, today we're going to cover the absolute best chest exercise ever, the "Fly-Press" combo set.

The key to any good chest exercise is the isolation of your chest during the exercise. Using slightly lighter dumbbells than we would normally use, and utilizing proper form we can get excellent results from this exercise without engaging too many other muscle groups. The key to this is going to be the positioning of your feet (believe it or not). When I do this exercise make sure that only my shoes are touching the floor. This results me from using my legs and core to stabilize myself on the bench and makes me focus on bringing the weight up smoothly and evenly (especially during the Fly portion) to maintain control. Try a couple reps with your feet flat on the floor, then switch to my way, you'll fall the difference.

The next key to this chest exercise is arm position during the Fly portion of the exercise. While you will see many different opinions on this topic, here are the basic facts: the closer the weight is to your chest, the less effort it takes to lift it (again, this is for the Fly portion only). While you do not want to lock your arms out during the motion, you do not want them bent anything more than a 45 ° angle.

As for reps and sets, this is one of the few exercises that I like to multi task with, meaning simply that I'll train for size and strength within the same workout. I perform 5 sets total, with the first three being LW / HR (Lo Weight / High Rep) and the last two LR / HW (Low Rep Heavy Weight). Using dumbbells this is easy to do seeing as you only need to pick up a new set and you're ready to go.