Simple Ways to Stop Hair Loss & Regain New Growth

Troubled by hair loss and you start seeing yourself losing strands on your head and bald circles started to form? What can you do to stop the problem and to have a healthy crown again?

The majority of hair loss sufferers got the problem genetically, especially for males. If you see that most of the men in your family have a history of balding crowns, beware! You might be one of them too. While there might be no way to prevent the genes, there are simple ways that you can do to stop the problem and regain new growth.

Shampoo for Hair Loss

This is perhaps the simplest way to start combating the problem. Look for shampoos that contain certain essential oils that can stimulate growth. Eg of such oils is rosemary and lavender.

Using essential oils as aromatherapy

Certain essential oils have certain stimulating properties to promote growth and special blend of some oils can help to achieve the effect.

It is important to keep your scalp healthy and debris free so that the follicles can grow properly. Certain essential oils such as jojoba oil or aloe vera oils can help to promote and maintain good scalp health.

Use a mixture of these oils and massage on your scalp to improve blood circulation and stimulate growth.

If the problem worsens, you may want to start using natural hair loss treatments that not only stop the condition but also promotes growth. Alternatively you may want to have a chat with your doctor to see what he or she can do for you. Taking prescription may have some side effects; hence, it is advisable to have a thorough understanding of what you will be going through.