Simple Ways To Remove Tonsil Stones That Will Not Return

If you’re looking to remove tonsil stones you may be looking for the wrong thing. While it’s easy for some people to remove them, it’s much easier to make them go away permanently. If you just blow them off with a waterpik device, cough them out, or dig them out with a foreign device like a Q-tip or chopsticks, they might continue to come back indefinitely.

Tonsil Stones are little yellowish white balls that grow on the tonsils when bacteria are present. The reason so many people have these is because the tonsils are the organs that prevent us from swallowing large particles. They’re also supposed to have some power to catch bacteria so it doesn’t go into our system.

The time we get rid of the bacterium that has been captured by the tonsils is when we brush our teeth. A good way to keep stones from forming is to keep the mouth clean. Brush after every meal, use a tongue scraper for extra effect, and gargle with Listerine, salt water, or some other anti-bacterial agent.

Just the one act of gargling before bed could remove tonsil stones for awhile, but don’t stop after they are gone. If you are prone to getting these things, you may need to continue to gargle throughout your entire life. I suppose this is a small price to pay to not have sore throats all the time and/or bad breath.

Remember too that your diet plays an important part in the bacteria that forms in your mouth. You may have heard that you should stop drinking milk when you have a cold because milk helps product mucus. This is also true when you’re trying to get rid of mouth bacteria. Limit your intake of dairy products and see if this doesn’t solve the problem.

These methods may sound a little simplistic, and hopefully they work for you. But if you go to your doctor and he prescribes antibiotics, they definitely won’t work. Tonsil stones are not a virus, they are a condition caused by diet and incorrect daily/nightly habits. Changing a few “bad” habits will help you get rid of tonsil stones for good. It might not be as easy as just removing dairy from your diet, but when you know the proper foods to eat – or not to eat, it’s much easier to eliminate the stones from your life altogether. And that’s a goal worth achieving!