Simple Solutions For Dry Skin


As the seasons change we all tend to notice how our skin becomes dry not only due to the low humidity. Since the air around us is so dry we have to make sure we use lotions and creams to keep the skin hydrated, especially our face, since when skin becomes too dry we tend the skin tends to flake as we loose the lipid barrier protection on a cellular level.

Eva’s Best solution for dry Skin

Step 1

Switch to a slightly richer moisturizer during the winter months, I recommend Skin Rx Excell Rejuvenation which contains the following:

  • Humectants – This is a classification of moisturizer that penetrates the stratum corneum, top layers of the skin and allows the skin to absorb more moisture.
  • Emollients – Softens and smoothes the texture of the skin
  • Vitamin C – Boosts collagen synthesis and acts as a powerful free radical scavenger.
  • Oat Beta Glucan, Evening primrose oil and Copper complex for anti-aging benefits

Step 2

Protect your skin from the environment – just because its cold outside does not mean that you are safe from sun exposure, Winter sun reflects off the snow particularly at high altitudes, so it is crucial to apply Photo Protection 30 daily to all exposed areas, face, ears, neck, hands.

Step 3

Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate internally and avoid excess alcohol and caffeine as both can be dehydrating. Eat a diet rich in nutrients to help restore your skin.

Step 4

Also take shorter showers and avoid very hot water as this can rob your skin of moisture. Apply a hydrating moisturizer that penetrates and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth…I like the Cherry blossom body cream from Bath & Body Works.

Step 5

Use a simple lip balm to keep the lips moist, I like the ones with vitamins E and C. Also if you rub your nose a lot and feel it is sore apply a little Vaseline or petroleum based cream to sooth the area.