Simple Homeopathic Sore Throat Cure to Get Better Naturally


It can sometimes be quite a challenge to seek out an effective sore throat cure that you can do from the comfort of home. One such sore throat cure that is quite effective is by using an alternative therapy called homeopathy.

There are a large variety of homeopathic remedies to choose from so it is important to recognize exactly how you are feeling so you can determine which treatment is best for you.

Do You Feel A Lump in your throat ?

If you have a lump that does not seem to go away when swallowing, you should think about using lachesis. Lachesis works by reducing the inflammation in the throat allowing you to swallow easily.

Do You Feel Like Your Throat Is Closing In?

If your throat feels seriously constricted and hot then you will probably do best with cantharis as your sore throat cure. Cantharis works by relaxing the throat and soothing your burning feelings.

Do You Feel A Sharp Pain Like Something Is Stuck In Your Throat?

This sore throat cure is hepar sulphur because it heals the ulcerations that cause this sensation. On a side note, hapar sulphur is a great acne remedy to boot.

Do You Have A Sore Throat and You Are A Smoker?

If you are a smoker with a sore throat you should use nux vomica. It is the best sore throat cure when you suffer from a chronic sore throat.

Pain Worse on The Right Than On The Left?

If your sore throat hurts more on the right side then your remedy may be in guaiacum. Guaiacum works well when your throat is also very dry.

Is Your Tonsils Dark Red?

If your tonsils are dark red and you also experience a backache, your solution is in phytolacca. This works specifically as a sore throat cure when the tonsils are dark red and it also soothes burning in the throat as well.

Is Your Tonsils Bright Red?

If your throat is very dry and looks a bright red color, belladonna is your best choice. Belladonna also works very well for inflammation and even fevers.

Is Their Grey or White Spots In Your Throat?

Your throat has the if white or gray sores then you a require kali Muriaticum color : as your sore throat cure . Kali muricaticum works effectively to clear out excess mucus and works well as a sore throat cure to get rid of the source that caused the sores in your throat.