Simple and Straightforward Diets to Lower Cholesterol

Diets for weight loss vary depending on who regulates the diet and which the diet is formulated for, but diets to lower cholesterol remain constant. Countless diet fads for losing extra pounds have come up, such as the Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, and so on. Some of these diets work for a number of people, but not so for others. However, diets to lower cholesterol have been proven to work for every one since they are not just aimed at reducing weight, but they focus on the area of ​​healthy eating.

A reduced intake of red meat as part of your diet also helps to lower cholesterol. Steak, which is beef, is an American favorite. Unfortunately, it is also a potential heart killer because it is high in low density lipoprotein (LDL), more commonly known as bad cholesterol. Beef, which is red meat, has more fat than any other variety of meat, so health buffs tend to stay away from it. They would rather turn to chicken or pork since they are leaner and have a lower concentration of bad cholesterol. More often than not, doctors recommend a hearty serving of fish because it has Omega-3, a compound which contributes to cardiovascular well-being. For those who do not like the taste and smell of most fish, they should try salmon or tuna, which have the texture and almost the taste of meat.

It also helps to have a diet rich in fiber. One can start by eating foods made of whole-wheat, as they have less calories and saturated fats. Whole-wheat bread and pasta are good alternatives to the usual processed carbohydrates. Likewise, it always helps to have hefty servings of fruits and vegetables, as they are the natural and consequentially the best sources of fiber.

If all else fails, the last resort should be take prescribed medication for managing cholesterol. Note that these have to be doctor-prescribed and should only be taken as required. Otherwise, it could only result in further complications.

Although diets to lower cholesterol have been tried and tested and are known to be effective in maintaining a healthy heart, people still take them for granted because they involve some degree of self-deprivation and delayed gratification. Taking on these cholesterol-lowering diets does involve staying away from a lot of gastronomic favorites that are potentially damaging to one's health. However, one does not have to totally do away with their comfort foods as long as they take everything in moderation.