Silver Polish – Make it Yourself With Household Products

If you go to a shop to get some silver polish, they come in two different versions. Either you put the polish on the silver, and after a short while you rub it off, or you just dip your silver into a fluid and wash it afterwords.

The most effective of the two is the polish you have to rub off, but it takes a lot of rubbing, and it is very hard for the hands and fingers.

Another problem is that if your silver has nooks and corners, the polish will tend to get stuck in there, and it is difficult to rub, so your silver will still be black and ugly in some places.

So instead of going out buying some silver polish, why do not you make it yourself? You will see that it is more effective than the polish you have to rub off, and even better than the fluid ones, I have previously bought.

All you need is some household products, you probably already have. This polish is cheap and simple to make yourself, and I used it to successfully remove stains from silver that I had not been able to use in years.

You need:

– Salt
– Aluminum foil
– Boiling water

Put a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom of a bowl.

Add some salt, and pour boiling water over it.

Dip your silver in the water, and leave it there, until the oxidations have disappeared. Polish afterwards, with a soft tissue. You should not keep this polish after use, but throw it away and make new polish the next time, your silver needs to shine a little more.