Silicone Rubber Materials

Modern society expects technological innovation and product development that will enable us to live longer, healthier, better lives. Silicones are a fundamental building block that helps make this possible.

Silicone rubber is a synthetic material which has the structure shown below. The polymeric molecular structure of silicone rubbers has a main chain formed of siloxane links Si-O. The bond energy of the siloxane linkage Si-O is 106.0 kcal / mole which is much higher than the bond energy 84.9 kcal / mole of the carbon-to-carbon bond C-Co This difference in the bond energies explain the outstanding stability of silicone rubbers in comparison with other organic rubbers. In general, silicone rubber has much better heat resistance, electrical insulation, chemical stability, etc. than organic rubber.

The "Silicone-Oxygen" molecular structure provides characteristics that allow the final material to withstand a wide variety of chemical and mechanical degradation as well as serving as a strong dielectric.

Silicone synthetic rubber is one of two materials currently being used for switch contacts (the other is a material called EPDM).

Dimenthylpolysiloxane, a typical polymeric constituent of rubbers, has a helical or coiled molecular configuration with a small intermolecular force so that it has high resilience,

large compression and excellent cold resistance. Furthermore, the outwardly directed methyl groups are able to rotate freely resulting in the unique surface properties of silicones such as water repellence and surface-releasability.

Silicone is odorless and tasteless. It does not cause staining, corrosion or deterioration of other materials with which it comes in contact. Good for FDA-approved applications.

Silicone rubber has excellent resistance to many chemicals, fluids and oils commonly encountered in service. Silicones are a family of polymers that include siloxanes and silanes – compound variations of the natural element silicon. Silicon is the second most common element in Earth's crust.